2016-2017 Academic Year Mevlana Exchange Programme Applications

2016-2017 Academic Year Mevlana Exchange Programme Applications start on 23-27 February 2016. You should make your applications your University's Mevlana Coordinatorship.


  • In order to be a Mevlana Exchange Program student, the student must be studying at bachelor degree, master degree or Ph.D degree of higher education program.

  • The students studying in their first year at associate or bachelor degree and the students of preparation classes of graduate degrees can not participate in this programme at their first semester, as well as interns of the Medical Faculties.

  • The eligibility criteria: Grade point average (GPA) of associate degree and undergradutae degree students must be at least 2,5 /4. GPA of graduate student (MA, Ph.D) must be at least 3,00/4. You should convert this grade to percentage system.

  • During the evaluation, 50% of grade point average and 50% of language scores are taken into account and students are ranked using cumulative value of these two factors.

  • If the education language or course language in the host university is the mother tongue of the student ,he/she is not obliged to prove his/her proficiency.

  • The education language of Istanbul University is generally Turkish. However we have some faculties that give education in English or partly English. Furtherly, various type of language proficiency is required for foreign language, litterature and philology departments. The students’ language proficiency must be adequate to follow the courses in the host faculty.

  • The decision of which students will benefit from Mevlana Exchange Program with or without scholarship  will be finally taken by İstanbul University Mevlana Exchange Program Coordinatorship depending on the total scholarship amount allocated by Turkish Higher Education Council. The result will be announced in our website (mevlana.istanbul.edu.tr)  Please check our website periodically from April.


  • Academic staff could participate in 2016-2017 Mevlana Exchange Program for minimum 2 weeks, maximum 3 months.

  • The documents that should be demanded from the academic staffs in the application are  Academic Portfolio and Academic Staff Information Form

  • Portfolio must include:

                * List of publications or projects  on the subject that he/she wants to work in the host university

                * Work plan of the seminar that he/she will give in the host university.

                 *Curriculum Vitae

                The final application of the program is subject to law, regulations and decisions of  Turkish Higher Education Council.