2015-2016 Mevlana Exchange Programme Applications

2015-2016 Academic Year Mevlana Exchange Programme Applications start on 20-27 April 2015. You should make your applications your University’s Mevlana Coordinatorship.

  • Academic staff could participate in 2015-2016 Mevlana Exchange Program for minimum 2 weeks, maximum 3 months. The selection of the academic staff would be conducted on the basis of potfolio including Curriculum Vitae, list of publications or projects on the subject that he/she wants to work in the host university, work plan of the seminar that he/she will give in the host university.
  • Academic staff and students coming to Turkey should not have Turkish nationality.
  • Turkish Higher Education Institutions should allocate maximum 40 % of the total quota for academic staff and student coming from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Krygyzstan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.
  • The academic staff and student exchange with Republic of Yemen is suspended until further decision of the Executive Board of the Turkish Higher Education Council.
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